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Camp Director Joe Dean, Jr.
Joe Dean, Jr. was a college basketball coach for 17 years, He is currently the Athletics Director at Birmingham- Southern College and is a TV announcer for the SEC Network ... read more

When I was eleven years old I decided I wanted to be a college basketball player. That summer, my Dad, Joe Dean Sr., took over leadership of the Lakeside Oaks Basketball Camp in a beautiful, rustic setting outside Baton Rouge, and set out to create a basketball camp, that not only taught the fundamentals of the game, but shared the principles of life that are so vital to character development of a young person. It was on these hot, outdoor basketball courts, that I learned to love the game and all the values that it gave me in my formative years.

In 1974, Dadís summer camp moved to Southwest Mississippi Community College in Summit, MS., where it is still held today. For the past 49 years, the Dixie Basketball Camp has grown dramatically and been a source of inspiration for three generations of boys, aspiring to become basketball players. Every summer I ask our campers how many of their Dadís attended Dixie. Usually about 30-40 kids raise their hands. Last summer I asked how many of your grandfathers attended Dixie. Incredibly three boys raised their hands. Dixie has truly become a special experience for many kids that enjoy a fun, enthusiastic, inspiring week of sweat and basketball at the world famous, Dixie Basketball Camp and Country Club Ė HEY!!

I tell the kids every summer, that the athletic arena is lifeís greatest workshop! Nowhere in our society can a young person learn the value of discipline, dedication, hard work, teamwork, and overcoming adversity as in the athletic arena. My Dad knew this all too well and created the culture and spirit of our summer basketball camp that has literally lived on for 49 years. Dixie is a special experience and I thank God for the opportunity he continues to give us to inspire young boys to be the very best they can be.

So, for the 50th summer, let me invite you to be a part of a legendary basketball camp experience, created by a legendary man, and perpetuated by his son, in the Athletic Arena > ďLifeís Greatest Workshop! See you in July.

Camp Director (General II)



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