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Camp Director Joe Dean, Jr.
Joe Dean, Jr. was a college basketball coach for 17 years, He is currently the Athletics Director at Birmingham- Southern College and is a TV announcer for the SEC Network ... read more

For most of my adult life, while driving from home to work in the mornings, I cherished my time talking to my Dad in Baton Rouge. He loved hearing about my career, my children and their accomplishments, and recently my two grandsons. He had a unique, God-given quality of being sincerely interested in people and their lives and families. It was during these morning talks that Dad would always ask me the key question, “Are You Fired UP”? Of course, the answer was “Yes Sir, Fired Up SIR”!

Joe Dean Sr., the original General, and the creator and director of the Dixie Basketball Camp, passed away on November 17, 2013 at the age of 83. For so many Dixie coaches and campers, we will always remember the impact that he had on our lives. His enthusiasm for life and love for the sport of basketball was contagious and inspired thousands of kids, and the coaches who taught them the game, for three decades. He wanted the camp to serve as a place where boys could come together for a week, in a beautiful rural setting, and learn the values of discipline, hard work, spirit, enthusiasm, and teamwork. These values, that my Dad learned through playing basketball, allowed him to have Hall of Fame success in his professional career, but most importantly inspire everyone he touched to “be the very best they could be”.

The Dixie Basketball Camp is the most unique and spirit-filled sports camp in the nation, and quite frankly is not for everyone. But for those young men and coaches who pour themselves into the Dixie environment, they experience the passion and love for basketball, and the values it teaches in a very meaningful way. That is what my Dad wanted the Dixie Basketball Camp to do and I believe we have succeeded.

So, for the 49th summer, let me invite you to be a part of a legendary basketball camp experience, created by a legendary man, who many knew for his “String Music” on SEC TV or his time as the Athletic Director at LSU. For me, he was my Dad, and I am extremely proud to carry on his legacy at Dixie. See you in July.

Camp Director (General II)



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