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Southwest Mississippi Community College features some of the nicest facilities in the region from its brand new cafeteria to is recently renovated gymnasium. Below you can see images of all of the school's facilities that the Dixie Basketball Camp uses.

The campus is home to three gyms that house four basketball courts. The ACC & SEC (two youngest leagues) play in the physical education building on side-by-side courts. The courts are separated by a curtain. The ABA plays in a gym built in the 90s that is adjacent to the recreation hall. All three of those gyms feature full-length courts and have carpeted floors.

The oldest campers, in the NBA, play in the Horace C. Holmes Gymnasium, where SMCC hosts its home games. The wood floor was recently refinished and renovations have been made in recent years with funds from FEMA after Hurricane Katrina.


Southwest Mississippi allows the camp use of both its men's and women's dormitories for two weeks. The men's dorm features suites that include two rooms with a bathroom in between. Each room holds 2-3 campers for a possible total of six in the suite. The younger campers are typically housed in this dorm during the week.

Suites in the women's dorm have three rooms each, with two bathrooms to be used between them. Each room holds two campers for a total of six in the suite. This older campers are typically housed in this dorm. 

Every room has an outlet for cable television and both dorms have free wireless internet.

Men's Dorm Men's Dorm Women's Dorm

A brand new student union, which includes the cafeteria was built on campus in the mid-2000s. Campers receive three meals per day from SMCC cafeteria staff. The Student Union building also is home to the school's bookstore, where campers can purchase SMCC materials, and a post office, which allows parents to send mail to campers.

Southwest Mississippi CC also offers a recreation hall and snack bar for campers use during free time. The rec hall has pool tables, ping pong tables and televisions. It also features a snack bar that serves hamburgers, chicken fingers, pizza, etc. that campers can purchase separately from their cafeteria meals.

Pool Tables Ping Pong Tables Snack Bar

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