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Check out images of Dixie campers in action, from all four age groups ... see the gallery
The Dixie Basketball Camp has been known as the premier basketball teaching camp in the South for more than 40 years. It starts at the top with Joe Dean, Jr., who has 17 years of collegiate coaching experience and is on constant display with the numerous state champion high school coaches and collegiate players that fill out the coaches roster.

The campers are broken up into four groups based on age and ability. The youngest league, generally sixth graders and younger is known as the "ACC." Just above them, typically 7-8th graders are the SEC. The third group is the ABA, which is usually made up of 8th-9th graders. The oldest group is the NBA and has all high school players.

Every day at Dixie, campers have three basketball sessions: morning, afternoon and night. The morning session is like a practice. Each league works on fast break drills, goes through fundamental stations, has a free throw competition and finally competes in skills contests.

The afternoon and night sessions are comprised of games, where the campers can put into action those things they've learned in the morning. The afternoon games are 3-on-3, which is our favorite part of the camp. Because there are only three players per team, every player is constantly in on the action. Each team will play at least four 3-on-3 games per day.

At night, every camper plays one 5-on-5 game. Players are substituted on a pattern so every camper receives an equal amount of playing time.


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